Welcome to Jennifer Burbridge Photography

Tapping into the creative spirit that lives within us all through photography, video, art, music & graphic design 



With 3 Sony cameras as extensions of myself and over 25 lenses in which I view the world through, I love capturing the special moments.


With clients including Apple, Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Sprint, Visa and more I know what it takes to create impactful designs that get your message across. 


My video production work centers around film, television, music videos, promotional videos, and training videos, with experience in editing, cinematography, and production management.  


I've grown to love watercolors and have created over 200 pieces of healing art in my journals. Here are a few I wanted to share...


Branding shows the identity of a company and communicates the most powerful message connecting to your customers. 


With my DJI Mavic Air 4K drone I love capturing the world from above with stunning clarity.